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Short Breaks Residential

Thanks to our continued partnership with the Leeds Short Breaks team, Herd Farm is proud to continue this valuable work into 2019/20 with Short Breaks supporting us to deliver 6 inclusive weekend activity residential experiences for 14 Leeds children and young people with disabilities.
These opportunities are designed to give the family and indeed the child a short break. Your child will enjoy a two night full board activity residential in the countryside. We have experienced pastoral care staff who provide a warm and nurturing environment for our children and who join in the activities. Although we cannot serve all needs we prefer to assess each child’s support needs individually.
Here’s your child’s chance to enjoy a range of outdoor physical team activities they may not normally think they could experience. Making new friends and sharing a journey of team achievement, eating together, living together and laughing together. Places are limited so enquire early to book a place

If you are interested please contact Herd Farm on 0113 3783088 or email: to enquire.