Spotlight: Knife Crime

How Herd Farm is working with those who are impacted by knife crime in Leeds.


The majority of those aware of Herd Farm will know of it being a centre for school trips and residentials. However, we love sharing the outdoors with a wide range of groups from different backgrounds. Most recently, our staff have working on Operation SHEILD with West Yorkshire Police, a project that targets young people from Leeds who have been negatively impacted by knife crime.

This project gets those involved engaged with adventurous activities, such as a zip-line and archery, giving them a space to challenge themselves and an opportunity to build positive relationships with officers and social workers. In addition to an adrenaline packed host of activities, Operation SHEILD also involves education and advice on knife crime, supporting these young people to make positive decisions in the future. We’ll top off this amazing program with a visit to the Knife Angel, while it’s in Leeds.

If you have an alternative project or group who you think would benefit from our resources, please get in touch by emailing or call us on 0113378088.

Thank You!

Thank you to all those who took their time to nominate Herd Farm in the prestigious 2022 Child Friendly Leeds Awards. We love our work and love offering fun positive experiences to the thousands who attend here every year. 

Congratulations from the Child Friendly Leeds team to Herd Farm Residential & Activity Centre on being nominated in the Child Friendly Leeds Awards 2022.

Here are some of your nominations:

I would like to nominate Herd Farm. I organise family time for Child Looked After Families and we try to use Herd Farm as much as we can. All the staff are friendly and welcoming, and nothing is too much trouble. Tony is fantastic, he is very flexible to adapt bookings to family needs. At Christmas we use the rooms for Christmas family time. Families have experienced some of the fantastic activities on offer. One young person told his social worker what a fabulous time he had had previously at Herd Farm and wanted to have a sibling family time there. Herd Family gives our young people and families a great environment to enjoy time together that is away from the usual bowling/park contacts. Herd Farm is a great facility. Thank you to Tony and his team for all the work they do.

Herd Farm continues to evolve as a multi-use resource for Leeds young people maintaining a warm friendly welcome but adaptable to all groups. The grounds are inspiring, well kept & accessible. The building provides an inspirational feature and the wide and varied programmes available ensure all groups can be served. The staff attitude is brilliant, and the important work does for targeted children, looked after and disabled groups as well as those at risk is just invaluable.

The impact that Herd Farm has on children of all walks is sensational. Without Herd Farm children throughout Leeds would be missing vital learning, educational and life skills necessary to drive through life. Each member of staff that works at Herd Farm gives 100% for each booking and treats every child as an individual to guide them through hardships. Since Covid, mental health & physical wellbeing needs substantial support which Herd Farm can provide. They are not only educators, but they are also wellbeing coaches.

A remarkably interesting and exciting place for children and young people to visit with lots of differing activities. A fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and benefit from the knowledge and experience of its staff in rural surroundings.